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Flow Chart Programmes


Art PLAY – Creative Play & Exploration (3.6 – 5 years old)

At this “Scribble Stage”, the child will be exposed to the world of colors and medium applications, explore the various materials possibilities and tools through games and plays. These courses aimed at developing the child’s fine muscles, which in turn sharpens the dexterity in his fingers. The child will also share thoughts of his creation through language, by telling others what he has done.

Art START – Creative Foundation (5 – 8 years old)

Art start is the fundamental lesson and is essential as a start for all students. It is the teaching elements of art, principle of design, introduction to various artists and art form. In this module, pupils are exposed to different type of medium, 2D and 3D artworks through the thematic theme of Design, Art, Culture, Nature, Geography & Living, the child is exposed not just to shapes, colours and possibilities of Art but its different expressions and artist’s influences; The child is taught to develop independent thinking through observation and analyzing, she will then depart from her observation and create her own unique expression.

Art X’PLORE – Creative I (8 – 11 years old)

In Art X’PLORE, we explore the world with the child.. In each module, a country is being introduced. For example, in the module on Europe, we cover the daily living which is the life style, the things the people do, the culture (architectures – churches and buildings), the nature (animals and plants found in that region),  the popular artists and the art movement Different mediums and techniques are being incorporated into these lessons.


Little Mastisse – Basic Drawing (5 to 12 years old)

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Young Mastisse – Spesific Drawing (16 t0 18 years old for college)

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“The one great occasion in the life of a human is the development of the ability to visualize in pictures”                                                                                                                                              Viktor Lowenfeld


We Develop Creative Confidence And Inspiring Expressions
Nurturing Global Citizens

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